E-commerce website development is one of the most rapidly growing and lucrative industries of our time. Ecommerce connects buyers, sellers and end users regardless of their geographical location and represents a massive platform that extends total freedom to endorse your goods and services with very few limitations. Have you ever considered how the entire ecommerce website development life cycle works? In our daily routine as a top London web design company, ecommerce is a huge component of what we do – but this is a constantly evolving field where you need to hone your skills all the time to keep ahead of the competition.

A competent ecommerce website development team should be able to deliver a perfectly categorised website with an appealing aesthetic and intuitive navigation. If all products are correctly sorted then users are empowered to rapidly identify relevant items – thus ramping up the traffic to your website. For a multi-product website it’s even more crucial to have well-defined categories to present your wares. You can also apply tags to link to the merchandise (a tag is a keyword referring to a particular item, which helps it rank in search results). Once a product is tagged then it is easier for shoppers to locate that specific item simply by entering that tag in a search engine.

As a top London web design company, 4Web Solutions is also well accustomed to making adept use of structured data such as ‘rich snippets’ – with the objective of aiding users and crawlers to register more detail on the site’s content. These rich snippets are a favourite technique of ours. The general idea is to reel in your audience by displaying contextually relevant data – which is useful, since it’s normally quite difficult to relate to a search engine what exactly to show regarding your merchandise. Rich snippets extend brief insights to the search engine and customers as to what they can expect. Additionally, it will help to enhance your site’s visibility via organic search.

Of course, there is a lot more to modern ecommerce website development in 2019 – including SEO, security measures, speed optimisation, cross-browser compatibility checks, resolution and load testing, scalability, stress testing, cookies usage, performance examination and testing for bugs, broken links, user convenience, usability, forms and script errors. We believe you can never test enough! Automated and manual testing are both desirable, as there is no room for error. If you’re looking for a top London web design company to handle your more sophisticated ecommerce needs, get in touch with 4Web Solutions today and we can develop a plan with you.